13 One-Liners That Only Shippensburg University Students Could Understand

It’s like we have our own language.

This article was originally published for The Odyssey on October 4, 2017. It has been edited.

Over here at Shippensburg University, students come from all sides of Pennsylvania, and its surrounding states; we are a diverse group of tri-state area residents.

Though there are students who come from elsewhere, most of us hail from the east coast. With several dialects from different counties, the language on campus becomes not only diverse but just plain different.

Here are 13 phrases that only makes sense to Shippensburg students, and if you’re not one of us, well, I guess ship happens.

1. “Another alarm in the Hove?”

Okay, maybe no one but the residents call it the ‘Hove,’ but they are famous for their multiple fire alarms. Sometimes, there’s more than one in one night.

2. “Meet me at the CUB!”

We have all said this at one time or another. Then you follow up with, “Where are you?” And someone always says either, “McFeelys,” “The Great Hall” or “Fireside.” Quality places to eat, meet and hang out.

3. “I forgot it was Raider Bowl Wednesday!”

Most of us are too prideful to say the Raider Bowl is gross, but ever since they switched back to the bad chicken, nothing has been the same. It is nice when they still have dinner rolls though.

4. “I can’t come out tonight. I have the Reisner Runs.”

The absolute worst kind of runs. It’s probably because you ate the Chinese food or the chicken cacciatore. Learn from your mistakes.

5. “I spent all my flex.”

A true tragedy. You can reload in amounts of $25, but most of us just suffer.

6. “Ship happens.”

Even if you hate this saying, it’s plastered on every single piece of merchandise we sell and own.

7. “I hate the Bard hill.”

Okay, maybe this isn’t what the Bard hill looks like but it definitely FEELS like this. It’s deceiving because it looks like it’s not THAT bad, but it’s actually TERRIBLE.

8. “Are they still making hot bowls?”

I wish they would just post their hours. I also wish they would put more bowls in the refrigerator.

9. “I wonder what the APB concert is going to be this semester!”

A $40 meet and greet with Jesse McCartney and Andy Grammer this semester, Ludacris last semester and Panic! at the Disco the semester before? I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

10. “Let’s hit up Wibs tonight!”

You’ll go, you’ll hate it and yourself afterwards. It’s never worth it but you always find yourself back there.

11. “Kriner, the finer diner.”

Grilled cheese all the time, and Papa Johns in the lobby.

12. “The Grove stairs are the worst!”

Okay, there is an elevator, but people totally judge you when you take it and it does take approximately five minutes just to arrive.

13. “I’m gonna study in the fishbowl.”

Where would we be without late-night paper-writing in the fishbowl? That one vending machine is always broken, someone always tries to leave out the locked doors and you’ll likely find at least one student having a mental breakdown at midnight.


11 Pennsylvania State Universities As Characters From “Stranger Things”

Which Stranger Things character does your college resonate with?

Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?!

This article was originally published with The Odyssey on May 8, 2017.

If there’s one thing the Pennsylvania State System schools are good at, it’s sticking together when things go south. Like last fall, when the union and the state system were fighting, we all had to come together to fight for our faculty just as if they would if it was us on the line. The cast of Stranger Things is no different; they all banded together when it was most important. Here are 11 of the Pennsylvania State schools as Stranger Things characters.

1. Bloomsburg – Hopper

 Bloom and Hopper both seem like people who drink a little too much at first, but all in all, they give back to the community. They’re also incredibly investigative and are the best at finding out what they need to. Their intelligence lies elsewhere, but it’s okay because it still ends up saving everyone.

2. Lock Haven – Mike Wheeler

Like Lock Haven, Mike Wheeler is not only loyal to the things he cares about, but he’s always willing to go the extra mile. He may lose sight of the bigger picture sometimes, but his heart is in the right place.

3. Millersville – Will Byers

Just like Will Byers, Millersville is also in the middle of nowhere, it’s just not quite as creepy and scary as the Upside Down. Also, Millersville is a pretty fantastic friend and always loyal to their MU family.

4. Shippensburg – Nancy

Just like Shippensburg, Nancy is still learning the ropes of independence. She doesn’t always make the best decisions and often suffers the consequences from it, like leaving Barb to die. However, both are severely loyal, resourceful, and will fight to get what they want.

5. Slippery Rock – Barb

Slippery Rock is smart and underrated, just like Barb. We don’t hear too much about them from other schools, besides the rare conference being hosted there, but we’d still care about them if something happened.

6. West Chester – Joyce Byers

On the outside, West Chester and Joyce Byers look like normal people, just trying to get by. But on the inside, they’re both a little crazy, but in the best way. Both are loyal, impulsive, and determined to achieve what they set their mind to.

7. IUP – Jonathan

Just like Jonathan, not a lot of people know IUP exists, but they’re smart, and they’re trying their best. They have a deep appreciation for the arts and student activities. Like Jonathan does for his photography, and also monster-hunting. That’s a student activity, right?

8. Edinboro – Dustin

There are little to no chain restaurants in the town surrounding Edinboro, and it’s students really dig that. It’s the perfect, quaint, and original town to surround such a small and quiet university. Dustin is a unique friend; he’s always thinking outside the box to get his friends out of trouble. There could never be another Dustin, just like there could never be another Edinboro.

9. California – Steve

Steve and California of PA have a lot of in common; they both rely on their environment to thrive, they’re well-known, and they’re close to something much greater than they realize. Without the college, the town of California wouldn’t last, just like without Steve’s mean friends, he wouldn’t survive. Both are popular for their personalities, and while California of PA is close to Pittsburgh, Steve is close to being a good boyfriend toward the end of Season 1.

10. Clarion – Eleven

Just like the students at Clarion, Eleven really loves hanging out in the woods. Also, just like the badly planned layout of Clarion, Eleven doesn’t make the best decisions. However, both Eleven and Clarion are willing to put themselves before their peers and protect what’s important to them.

11. Kutztown – Lucas

Lucas and Kutztown are the most alike because they’re unique and loyal to their families, whether that family is blood or friendship. Due to their loyal and original personalities, they’re not too sure about opening up to or teaming up with new people. They are the most cautious person in group projects because they know they’ve got the best idea.

11 Things We Wish We Could Change About Shippensburg University

I’m not saying these things make Shippensburg University a less desirable school to go to, but if we had the chance to implement some change, the next 11 things would definitely make that list.

Where is the suggestion box for campus updates?

This article was originally published for The Odyssey on April 24, 2017.

Everyone has a million great things to say about their college because if you don’t love it, why are you here? However, there’s always room for improvement. I’m not saying these things make Shippensburg University a less desirable school to go to, but if we had the chance to implement some change, the next 11 things would definitely make that list.

1. The heavy doors.

Even the doors in the elementary school on campus weigh a ton! Also, what’s with the library doors? How come they’re like a foot wide and only open halfway?

2. The weird stairs by Shippen.

Implement a ramp. Last year, they played an April Fool’s joke on us and said they were going to replace the ridiculously wide stairs with a moving sidewalk, and we were all seriously bummed that they were kidding.

3. That class that could be from 3:30-4:45 p.m.

The 3:30 slot is when professors have meetings, clubs have socials, and no one wants to be in class. Eradicate this class time.

4. Kriner’s limited hours.

If we wanted to eat at Reisner, we would choose Reisner. Kriner can’t really be the finer diner if they’re closed on weekends.

5. The random-roommate system.

We fill out those preferences on the housing portal, but where do they go? Random-roommate has seriously ruined some people’s living situations. It wouldn’t take much effort to create a more refined system. Make us fill out a survey or something!

6. “No string lights in the suites.”

The key to the ultimate dorm room is string lights. Listen, I know it’s a fire hazard, but I’ve never had to evacuate a building due to string lights. It’s most microwave and smoking-related incidents. Let us have the lights!

7. Desire to Learn or Brightspace or whatever it’s called now.

First of all, when I go to d2l.ship.edu, why does it ask if I want to log into Ship or Millersville? I’m at a Shippensburg web address. Second, d2l mobile is the worst application to have ever existed. Finally, when it crashes, professors and students lose everything; it’s time to switch up the program.

8. The fact that you need a key to access the elevator in DHC.

The floors aren’t even equal! Hiking up to the third floor is a sin. We should have an open elevator like Grove does.

9. Limited food options in the CUB.

Not that we don’t totally love the fast food thing in the CUB food court, but some more options would be cool. More snacks, like soft pretzels or churros, anything small that we could meal, would be much appreciated.

10. The fact that we can’t meal chips or bottled soft drinks.

If you can make a deal to meal Papa John’s…why can’t you make a deal with Pepsi to help bundle some of that stuff?

11. The inconsistency of room numbers in Old Main.

Look, if we have to go anywhere in Old Main, you better hope we don’t get lost while we’re there for official business. Why can’t we keep all the evens and odds on the same sides?

What’s So Great About SU’s Literary Magazine, The Reflector?

The Reflector is Shippensburg University’s undergraduate literary magazine. It features students’ prose, poetry, and art.

Unfortunately, due to the format of this article, I’ll have to link you all straight to The Odyssey.

However, I’ll let you in on some background knowledge.

The Reflector is Shippensburg University’s undergraduate literary magazine. It features students’ prose, poetry, and art, and even rewards them for it if they’re chosen out of the hundreds of pieces of writing we receive each semester.

At the end of the semester, we create not only The Reflector, but each committee also create a smaller publication, a chapbook we call the SpawningPool. The SpawningPools are chapbooks made by each committee and often fall in with a specific theme.

Though the staff and committees of The Reflector are done for the semester, we are so thankful for all the submissions we received for all of our publications during the 2016-17 academic year.

Don’t Go To Shippensburg University For A College Education

Attend Shippensburg for the Raider Bowls on Wednesdays, the tacos on Tuesdays and the multicultural nights at Reisner.

Go for the whole experience.

This article was originally published for The Odyssey on January 23, 2017.

On paper, Shippensburg University looks like any other state school. There are highly commended professors and even more highly commended academics. You could spend hours looking at the awards the school has received for its facilities, its residence halls and its dining halls. While those appreciations are lovely and wonderful to look at, they shouldn’t be the reason you attend the school. Don’t attend Shippensburg University for the award-winning college education they have to offer you. Instead, attend Ship for a unique college experience you won’t find anywhere else.

While you’re attempting to embark on the long and confusing road that choosing a university is, remember to look at more than what they market to you. You’ll have a great meal at every school you visit, simply because of your tour. You’ll see a clean campus and beautiful architecture. You’ll also see the award-winning perks that Shippensburg has to offer you. While I’m not encouraging you to overlook these amazing accommodations, make sure you look beyond them as well.

While you’re in the dining hall, pay attention to the dynamic that surrounds you. Pay attention to the way the students speak to and address one another. Especially notice how hard the food faculty work in order to ensure perfect service for you and others dining there.

While you’re roaming about campus, look closely at the students in classes. Notice how they take notes, how they listen and more importantly, how the professors project the academics at their students.

Take note of all the amazing opportunities there are lying in each academic building. Notice the fliers for internships, clubs, apartments, study abroad opportunities and future jobs. Stop at the tables in the CUB, or the Ceddia Union Building. Look at the ceiling and how many floors we have dedicated to different offices, different clubs and departments and different services.

While all of this may seem like a one-time experience, as you leave campus, smile at the students taking pictures by the Old Main fountain. Look back at the restaurants you won’t find anywhere else but our quaint little town.

Don’t attend Shippensburg University for the award-winning education. Attend Shippensburg University for the blaring student section during a football game, during which we cheer for both the team AND the band. Attend for the endless Ship puns that may annoy you at first, but will bring you pride and joy soon enough. Attend for the late-night french fry runs, the seasonal bingo games and the music playing in the amphitheater during the day. Attend to witness the diversity Ship has to offer in theater, in dance, in clubs, in Greek life and in athletics. See the unity each student embodies as students gather to support a local cause or a friend in need.

Attend Shippensburg for the Raider Bowls on Wednesdays, the tacos on Tuesdays and the multicultural nights at Reisner. Attend for the events you’ll only find being held by our clubs like the Homecoming Lip Sync, the spa days during finals or the surprise open-mic nights you’ll only stumble upon by chance. Come for the poetry slams, the cookie exchanges, the major-wide meetings where you know everyone in your department.

Come see the sunsets which are beautiful every day of the year. Come to feel the utmost relief after recognizing the water tower after getting lost in town. Come to experience the best wings you’ve ever tasted in town.

Commit to Shippensburg and you’ll experience all of this and so much more. Commit to becoming a Raider so that you can experience the best college experience possible. Join the red sea and see it roar like never before. Make a home out of Shippensburg and all of its amazing opportunities.

You can attend Shippensburg for its amazing academic qualifications, but know that you can get that piece of paper anywhere. Attend Shippensburg University to board the Ship and become a part of the crew. We hope to see you soon!