Count Your Blessings Daily

We can be thankful for anything.


Tomorrow will rise and so will you.

This article was originally published for The Odyssey on December 26, 2016.

I’m not a religious person. I’m not someone who prays. I put more faith in the universe than I do a being. That doesn’t mean I can’t count my blessings. When sitting at the table during Thanksgiving, some think it tradition to go around and ask everyone what they are thankful for. Why don’t we do this every day? Giving thanks isn’t something we do once a year, it’s something we do every day.

We can be thankful for anything. We can be thankful for shelter, food or something more specific, like ranch dressing, or the concept of the ‘buy one get one free’ deal. We can be thankful for our well-being; we can even be thankful for being who we are.

Giving thanks requires us to express positivity. We cannot be truly thankful until we are content with what we have. We cannot be content if we are always asking for more.

Be thankful for the opportunities given, be thankful for potential, for the future, the past and the present. Be thankful for life, for nature, for weather and the sky. Be thankful for the ups and downs of life; be thankful for mistakes. Be thankful for the consequences that follow those mistakes.

If you are having trouble seeing your blessings and seeing what exactly you’re thankful for, try being positive. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Even if you cannot benefit from your own positive vibes, someone else always can. Smile at people, wish everyone well, try your best not to hate or neglect.

Donate when you have enough. Keep giving to others who don’t. Make sure your neighbors have someone to shovel their driveways, to mow their lawns, to water their flowers. Make sure your neighbor always has enough to eat.

Keep your head up, allow yourself to regenerate after a lousy day. Know that the sun will rise tomorrow and that tomorrow will be better, all because of you. Tomorrow will rise and so will you.

Work hard and don’t expect anything in return. Give thanks to those who work hard so you don’t have to. Give thanks to those who work hard to protect you.

Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be so complex, so difficult or so heavy. Simply saying “thank you” is enough to spread positivity. Hold the door open, pick up what others have dropped, wish everyone a good day. Talk to your cashiers, ask them how they are. Wave at the children on the school bus. Beep at the people wearing costumes and spinning signs for their businesses. Give a quarter to the kids raising money for charity.

Charity doesn’t need to be an inconvenient. Charity doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply giving what you can when you can will make the world a little brighter.

We live in a dark world these days and it doesn’t have to be that way. Be proactive, spend the day doing something that makes a difference, change the world. Even if you make a difference in one person’s life, you have effectively changed someone’s world. Conquer change by embracing change. Embrace change by being change.

Tomorrow will rise and so will you. Let’s rise together. Let’s smile so bright they can see us from space. Let’s make tomorrow better for everyone. Together we can give thanks for anything and everything. Today, our smile may cause another’s and a chain reaction will form. Radiate positivity for yourself and for others.

Give thanks every day, count your blessings everyday and be content everyday. Life is short. Leave a positive and happy mark on the world.

Stop counting down the days. Embrace the potential of each and every day. Count your blessings daily and be thankful.

Author: cleming13

I'm a Junior English major at Shippensburg University! I've created my page {Title Goes Here} to post some of the work I've had published online!

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