Meet the Creators: Casey Leming

Introducing the people who create content for Odyssey, one person at a time.

This article was originally posted for The Odyssey on July 25, 2016.

It’s important to know who your coworkers are, no matter what kind of job or field you are entering. No matter if you’re getting paid, volunteering your time or writing articles every week, getting to know the community that surrounds you will always be beneficial. Odyssey is no different; each community is made up of of people from different backgrounds, schools and all walks of life. Though you’re not necessarily writing next to each person in a cubicle like you would in an office-setting, making friends with your fellow creators is a great idea. My name is Casey Leming, I am going to be a sophomore at Shippensburg University and I am proud to be a creator for Odyssey.

How would your best friends describe you?

I think that my best friends would describe as honest, trustworthy and (I hope) funny. I am that friend who will take you out for ice cream and crack silly jokes or lame puns the entire way there. I will always lend an ear and always tell you the truth, which can be both a curse and a blessing.

Tell me 10 things I would see when I walk into your room?

1. Many, many stuffed animals. Even though a lot of them are in the attic, there are still probably too many in my room.

2. Band posters. Currently I have a Paramore poster, a Thirty Seconds to Mars poster (we are working on replacing that one), a Spice Girls poster from the 2012 Olympics and a Bring Me the Horizon flag.

3. Pictures of my friends. I’ve recently redecorated both sides of my closet door so they have pictures of my friends and family covering them. The back of closet door has now been renamed “The Theater Door.” I’ve covered it with pictures and programs of every show and production I’ve been apart of from high school to now. I’m very proud of it.

4. Several journals. I have a white shelf that holds all of my poetry journals, story-notebooks and adult-coloring-books.

5. Two Beds. I have two twin beds in my room, one to sleep on and one for storage.

6. CDs. I have too many CDs. Probably 500 in my room alone.

7. Dream catchers. I have two in my room and I have had them in my room since I was a little girl.

8. A large stuffed owl. His name is Owlie and my brother got him for me for Christmas last year.

9. Scattered books. Between textbooks my brother and I can’t sell and books I’ve started and haven’t finished, my room is definitely not lacking in the book department.

10. A mess. Sadly, after returning home from college, I did not really have any place to put all of the stuff I brought to college. Before my freshman year, it sat in a huge pile in my living room. Now it’s sort of cluttering my room.

What are three random facts to know about you?

My favorite movie is “Empire Records.” I have a career in mind that lines up with my major, but if the opportunity ever arose, I’d love to be a professional stage manager. Oh, and, I’ve been to over 100 concerts.

What teacher or professor most impacted your life and why?

In high school, I became really close with my English teacher, Mrs. Mooney-Carboni. She taught me every year except junior year, in some shape or form. I even took Creative Writing twice because of how enjoyable and relaxed she made the class. She was also by my side when I became editor of the literary magazine. She was not only my favorite teacher, but an inspiration to me because of how not only friendly and easy-going, but also how pragmatic she was in class. I hope that no matter what I continue on to do in life, I am able to reach my colleagues and my staff the way she was able to reach her students through her creative ways.

Why did you choose to create content with Odyssey?

I had always seen people sharing Odyssey articles and I thought that it would be really special to be a part of something and belong to a community of people like Odyssey. I was also searching for something to help me write during the summer without necessarily making it a chore and I’ve absolutely found it. I’m so glad I contacted the recruiter on my campus when I did because I adore Odyssey and I have met and worked with so many amazing and talented people because of it.

What motivates you to continue creating content for Odyssey?

The way that I am able to connect and the way I see others connecting with people who read our articles, keeps me motivated and excited to create more. To think that the words we write could reach and positively impact a complete stranger is both mind-blowing and inspiring to me. It makes me want to connect others and use my voice to spread awareness wherever I possibly can.

What are you majoring in and why did you choose that field?

I’m an English major with a concentration in writing. I have always adored writing and all the aspects of literature and creating it. I also adore the bonds I create with people through literature. Above is a picture from the poetry club I belonged to in high school.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would hope that I am either in a successful editing or publishing job or doing something backstage with theater. Both sound fantastic to me. I would also like to be volunteering a bit as well and most of all, I just hope that in five years, I won’t dread waking up for my profession, whatever it may be.

Who’s your personal hero? Why?

I’m not sure that I have a personal hero, besides my parents. It seems cheesy, but they have sacrificed a lot for my brother and I and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

What animal best represents you and why?

I would like to think that an owl represents me because I am wise and honest. However, we all know that I’m probably more like a sloth because my reflexes aren’t all that fast, I can be lazy at times and I love sleeping more than my own family sometimes.

If you could live through any historical event when/what would it be and why?

I would love to have lived through the Renaissance, only because there were so many advancements in all categories. Between art, writing, philosophy and science, there was hardly a time more inspiring time in Europe. Da Vinci alone helped art, science and medicine advance during this time period. I can only imagine what walking down the street with these people would have been like.

Is your childhood dream job the same as your current dream job? Explain.

For a very long time, I wanted to be a cashier. I thought it would be really cool to scan food and handle money I guess? I’m not sure because as I’ve gotten older, I really don’t see it as a “Dream Job.” I wanted to be a writer for a little bit, but sadly that is a dead dream as well. Don’t worry past me! Literature still holds a very dear place in my heart, but I’d rather be picking what goes on the shelves instead of competing with other authors when writing is merely a hobby that I enjoy. I don’t want to get to a point in my life where that hobby becomes a chore.


Author: cleming13

I'm a Junior English major at Shippensburg University! I've created my page {Title Goes Here} to post some of the work I've had published online!

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