12 Signs You Definitely Graduated From Marple Newtown High School

You’ll always remember where you came from and your roots at Ol’ MN High. You may have hated high school, you may never want to drive past those old ruins ever again, but somewhere deep down, there is a part of you that misses something about Marple.


Some of the things we remember the most about good ol’ Marple.

This article was originally published for The Odyssey on June 27, 2016.

Whether you graduated this past June, last year, or several years ago, Marple Newtown will stay in your memories forever. It doesn’t matter if you hated high school or loved it, there is always going to be something you miss about the building, whether it be something specific, like a friend group or a teacher, or something more structural, like the routine you had or having lunch at a certain time every day. Here are 11 signs you graduated from good ol’ MN, and 11 signs you know it will remain in your heart forever.

1. You know what “Maple Newton” is.

Between away sports games and band competitions, if you graduated from Marple, you are no stranger to its odd cousin “Maple.” For whatever reason, people just can’t seem to get the name right. For those of you around a few years ago, you’ll remember Maple Newton’s odd uncle, Arple Ewtown. #NeverForget

2. You went to Friday night football games for the team and the band.

Friday night football games were the best time to chill out with your friends, drink hot cocoa, eat french fries, and cheer on the team. Don’t think for a second you also weren’t there to support our two-time-winning-champion marching band, and by the way, congratulations on that win!

3. You own several orange t-shirts.

Whether you were in clubs, on teams, or participating sports-fundraisers, you own more than a few orange t-shirts. You also most likely own at least one pair of MN sweatpants. You’ll wear that spirit wear forever – not only does it show you pride for Marple Newtown, but everything is also super comfy!

4. You remember Lip Dub.

No matter if you were dressed up, painting your face, decorating the hallways, or throwing confetti and paper airplanes, Lip Dub was definitely memorable. We will never forget rallying in the gym, cheering on the lip-syncers, or the sweaty hallways. If large crowds, high temperatures, and school spirit isn’t your thing, at the very least, it was a nice way to get out of class.

5. Infinite Struggle

Infinite Campus was definitely better than Edline, no doubt, but it was still a struggle. Don’t even get me started on the mobile version. Checking your grades was a wild goose chase. In that moment, I swear we were Infinite(ly done with Infinite Campus). Thank Heavens!

6. Variety Show was always fun.

I remember loving Variety Show since before I was even in high school. It was such a fun way to showcase your talents and have a ball with your friends. Over the years, Marple has seen approximately ome pirate-metal band, hundreds of radio-worthy singers, fantastic dancers, a few funny comedy acts and countless amazing performances. I’ll never forget seeing my friends up there having the time of their life. One time we had such a great show that the fire alarm went off!

7. You loved choir/band fundraisers.

Not only were you supporting your fellow pals in the music department, but you also were able to buy candles, frozen pizzas, and I even got churros in bulk one year. Donating your time and money to help out the music department was a win win.

8. You volunteered with Interact, StuCo, Tiger Guides, Renaissance or NHS at least once during your four years.

Between giving tours, donating holiday shoeboxes and thanksgiving baskets, organizing pep rallies, and handing out programs and pamphlets at school events, you probably volunteered with at least one of these groups during your four years. Even if you weren’t largely involved with them, you couldn’t help donating a can of cranberry sauce for Interact, or helping make signs for Homecoming.

9. Renaissance trips were goals.

Receiving good grades didn’t mean just making your parents happy at MN, it also meant hopping on the Renaissance list. Being on the Renaissance list (apparently) guarantees you discounted prices on school-event tickets, but the main reason for making the list was so that you could attend the trips and events planned just for those students who achieved this awesome status. Some of my favorite trips were to Dave and Buster’s, Morey’s Pier and the movies in the auditorium were a blast also.

10. You know the drama department never disappointed.

Every play and musical at Marple Newtown will forever stay in the hearts all of who performed, all who built the set for, and all who attended the showings of. Being an avid participator in the drama department myself, I can honestly say that being in a play every year made my four years both amazing and super stressful. Performing for all of our faithful audiences made that stress worth it though!

11. Last Senior Day was emotional for everyone.

Everyone knows that Last Senior Day is kind of a giant free-for-all. You’re supposed to go to your classes, but all senior teachers pretty much allow you to sign your yearbooks, visit other teachers, and reminisce freely. You know as soon as the loud speaker plays that Green Day song, the tears are sure to start welling in your eyes. If you weren’t sad to leave school, you most definitely left a friend or favorite teacher behind, and that, my friend, makes leaving all the more bittersweet.

12. You still have MN Pride.

You’ll always remember where you came from and your roots at Ol’ MN High. You may have hated high school, you may never want to drive past those old ruins ever again, but somewhere deep down, there is a part of you that misses something about Marple. Whether it is a friend, a teacher, a security guard, or a memory such as a field trip, a production or game, or a life-changing creative writing class, you can’t shake the fact that whatever that something is definitely changed your life for the better.

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